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Elementary School 

Experiential Learning. Project-Based Learning. Personalized Learning.

When a child enters our elementary program, they are empowered to be an active learner. We follow children's interests to create personalized, rigorous, meaningful, hands-on educational opportunities that inspire a love of learning. The whole-child is developed academically, cognitively, social, emotionally, and spiritually. Elementary school is a precious time to wonder, to question, to imagine, to explore, and to discover the beauty of learning. 



English + Language Arts is individualized for each student. They select books that are interesting to them, engage in daily writing practice about their passions, and learn the fundamentals of literacy in a meaningful way.



Learning a second language or becoming fluent in a native language is key to being a respectful global citizen. Based on fluency, students work in small groups four times a week to study Spanish as a foreign language. Reading, writing, speaking, observing, listening, and practical life experiences are part of the program grounded in a native Spanish Language Arts curriculum.

Faith-Based Education


On Mondays, we gather as a community in our Chapel. Pastors lead prayer, songs, and share a Bible story. The development of faith is an individual journey that is honored in a positive, age-appropriate way to cultivate spirituality.

Thoughtful Thursdays connect clergy to classrooms as they share Bible stories and lead developmentally-appropriate religious discussions.

Daily prayer and devotions are led by students as they are guided by classroom teachers to reflect on Christian values.

Social + Emotional Learning

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Children have many feelings. Elementary school is an important time to safely navigate emotions and learn how to express oneself among a group of people. It is also a time to discover friendships, collaboration, and respectful interactions with others. Healthy conflict resolution is practiced under the guidance of teachers trained in Conscious Discipline. Children are empowered to take ownership of their feelings and communicate in a respectful way with their peers.

Physical Education


Every day begins with movement. Before students go to their homerooms, they connect as a community in our outdoor space. Together, they engage in gross motor development, games, and get their energy going for a fun-filled day of learning.

Physical Education is a formal class in which students explore a variety of sports such as soccer, tennis, and basketball while they hone their coordination skills. 



Science + Technology + Reading + Engineering + Arts + Mathematics are intertwined to enrich critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative learning. Classrooms are outfitted with interactive boards and 1:1 ipads. 

Environmental Studies


We are a Fairchild School of Excellence for 10 award-winning years based on our commitment to cultivating eco-conscious citizens. Elementary students participate in monthly challenges to learn about our planet, nature, and sustainable ways of living. They go on nature-orientated field trips to explore the majesty of our local environment.

As a Dream in Green School, we consistently win awards for our whole-school program that encourages children of all ages to be thoughtful about the use of energy, food, waste, and recycling. Our planet will be a better place to live on because of TGPS graduates!



Art is a form of expression and mastery. Students bring their ideas to life with mixed media in our art studio. Frequently linked to project-based learning, art is an opportunity to showcase how a student understands a theory or concept. Children learn about art history, famous artists, and use a variety of materials to create orignal pieces.



Music activates a key part of the brain. Our students begin instruments in Kindergarten, starting with the xylophone. Each year, they add a new instrument (hand bells, piano, recorder, string) and deepen their knowledge of sight reading, classical, and contemporary music. 

Field Trips


Learning extends beyond our Coral Gables campus to the local neighborhood and beyond. Real-world application of knowledge based on classroom interests gives children the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and connect with our vibrant community. 

Environmental studies field trips take place as a whole school. Grade specific field trips are a right of passage at each level.

Academic Program
Field Trips
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